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Come to Dental World to get quality Cosmetic Dental Treatment like Smile Design, Teeth Whitening, Inlays/Onlays, Veneers, Composite Bonding and Full Mouth Rehabilitation.

Cosmetic Dentistry – Overview

Cosmetic Dentistry is a surgery that is done to improve the facial appearance that may or may not necessarily involve the functions related to teeth, gum or movement of the jaws. This dentistry is focused on bringing positive modification in teeth and smile. Cosmetic dentistry is more than just whitening of teeth or dental veneers. It’s a wider stream that provides numerous treatment for making you feel more beautiful. The cosmetic dentist can help their patients in boosting up their confidence.

Unlike traditional dentistry, cosmetic surgery main focus is on the appearance of teeth and smile. The best thing about cosmetic dentistry is that, this procedure, even provides the restorative benefits such as dental filling required for treating the decayed teeth. The cosmetic dentist selects filling that matches with the original color of the teeth, that improves the appearance.

Trends of Cosmetic Dentistry


Today in the present scenario, cosmetic dental treatment had become more durable because of the technological advancement in preparing the tooth colored dental material. Not only this, the dentist today are opting for conservative techniques of cosmetic dentistry so that the structure of the original tooth can be preserved.

Laser technologies may also be adopted by cosmetic dentist, for making treatment like smile makeover more comfortable for their patients. This technology, even reduces the overall recovery time taken to recover from the treatment.


Cosmetic Dental Treatments

In Dental World, the cosmetic dentistry treatments that we are offering currently are as follows:images-4

  • Dental Veneers: Dental veneers also sometimes called as dental porcelain laminates are the custom-made shell that is adhesively bonded to cover the front surface of the tooth so that it provides an improved appearance. People having gaps between their teeth are also at a time recommended going for dental veneers. Visit Dental World to get the best consultation on veneers.


  • Inlays/Onlays: Inlays/Onlays is usually termed for partial crowns because in this procedure existing tooth is used as the base for fitting the filling of tooth-colored dental material called porcelain, into and onto the tooth. This procedure is done for strengthening the tooth, preventing from further damage and restoring the shape that has been damaged as a result of decaying or structural damage. Inlay is performed when there the damage has not taken part in the tooth cusps, whereas only is performed when the damage is very severe. This treatment is also called as indirect filling as well.
  • Composite Veneers: composite bonding is a treatment through which teeth that is chipped, broken, or discolored can be repaired or corrected. In this technique a dental composite material that exactly appears like enamel and dentin is applied inside the cavity or on the tooth surface from where it is sculpted with a high intensity light into a required shape and hardened. Through this treatment you get your natural bright smile back.
  • Teeth Whitening/ Bleaching: Teeth whitening is the cosmetic dentistry that is generally
    dental-bleachingrecommended by the cosmetic dentist. Our teeth may get stained because of various reasons like smoking, improper oral hygiene and excessive intake of coffee and tea. Bleaching provides pearl like teeth that looks superb. At Dental World we recommend to go for only quality Teeth Whitening and Bleaching techniques with best quality dental bleach, because inferior quality bleach or whitening agent can destroy the enamel of the tooth. For the long lasting result Dental World uses the Zoom Teeth Whitening System; the world leader in teeth whitening, because it is safe and whitens the tooth very efficiently and quickly as well.
  • Dental Implant: Dental Implants are an artificial tooth root replacement. Through this, a strong foundation is built for the permanent as well as removable, replacement teeth that are to be matched with the natural teeth. To compensate with the tooth loss, dental implants are recommended to make your smile look more radiant and youthful.
  • Smile Makeover: To improve the overall appearance of your look cosmetic dentist at times recommend for Smile makeover. This treatment includes one or more types of cosmetic dentistry procedures that may include, composite bonding, dental implant, teeth whitening, dental veneers and sculpting as well. During the smile makeover the cosmetic dentist has to take into consideration the facial appearance along with color of hair, skin tone and structure of the teeth. This treatment is customized one because it is performed as per the client’s requirement.cosmetic dentistry
  • Full Mouth Reconstruction: Full Mouth Reconstruction is the process through which the structure and the teeth in upper and lower jaws are rebuilt and restored. This treatment involves various cosmetic dentistry procedure.

If you are unhappy with the way your smile appears to be, then Dental World provides various options through which you can acquire the best smile and enhance your appearance.

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