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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Are you conscious of the appearance of your teeth and avoid smiling in public? This may be because your teeth and gums might not be perfect and may have issues like missing teeth, gum damage, tilted mouth closure, teeth discoloration, and jaw problems. If these problems are not addressed on time, they may lead to pain, discomfort, costlier procedures, and even loss of teeth. A full mouth rehabilitation means a comprehensive treatment that combines many restorative dental treatments to restore the functions and appearance of your teeth and other structures, in a streamlined process.

If you are planning to opt for full mouth rehabilitation, you are right on spot. This will address all your issues at the same time and leave you with a healthy and beautiful smile.

1-Who is an ideal candidate for full mouth rehabilitation?

You are the right candidate if you have:

  • Worn out or multiple missing teeth.
  • Your previous dental treatments like fillings, crowns, etc. have been broken, decayed, or improperly done.
  • Jaw problems may be because of faulty mouth closure.
  • Gums diseases i.e. Periodontal issues.
  • Multiple teeth decay.
  • Bone loss.
  • Discolored teeth.

2-What procedures are included in a full mouth rehabilitation?

There are several procedures involved in full mouth reconstruction which vary for each individual depending upon their needs and budget. The most common ones are:

  •  Restorative dental treatments: Including:

o Fillings: Minor tooth damage due to tooth decay are treated by tooth fillings which are of different types like metal or composite tooth-colored etc.

o RCT: Root canal treatment is done when decay reaches the pulp tissues.

o Transitional restoration: They are used to restore the function and appearance of teeth and surrounding tissues with a material that might not be expensive and is done for instant restoration. This can be later changed into a more durable and definitive restoration. e.g. composite restorations can act as transitional restorations which can later be changed to definitive porcelain restoration.

  • Dentures and bridges: They are used to replace missing teeth but are removable and do not replace tooth roots as implants do.
  • Dental Implants: Implants are a permanent and the best solution to your missing teeth, which look and feel exactly like your natural teeth. They also maintain your dental health by preserving jawbones and overcoming all shortcomings of removable dentures.
  • Periodontal treatments: like scaling, root planing, periodontal surgery, etc. may be a part of your full mouth rehabilitation.
  • Cosmetic dentistry: It involves the improvement of aesthetics of your teeth and surrounding structures like teeth whitening procedures, dental veneers, providing crowns, inlays, onlays, gum recontouring, etc. which will make your teeth and gums healthy to end up in a beautiful smile.
  • Oral surgeries: Like tooth extractions, jaw surgeries, soft tissue grafting, etc.
  • Orthodontic treatment: Proper teeth alignment by braces, expanders, spacers, and newer techniques like invisible braces, corrections of faulty mouth closure, and teeth grinding treatment by mouth guards, will result in enhanced appearance and function of your mouth.
  • Temporomandibular (TMJ) Joint treatments: These treatments correct problems of your jaws, painful and damaged joints, and an imbalanced bite, which if uncorrected, may increase pain and other problems later.
  • Bone grafting and sinus lift treatments: Because of missing teeth for a long time, bone loss occurs and the sinus cavity collapses and the upper jaw shrinks. This treatment restores the upper jaw to receive dental implants.

3-What is the cost of full mouth rehabilitation?

Many factors determine the full mouth rehabilitation cost:

  • Experience of the dentist: The more experienced the dentist, the more will be the charge, but definitely with better and quality outcomes.
  • Inclusion of the treatments: The type of the treatments included, will alter the cost.
  • The present condition of your mouth: This will determine the work needed to be done on them and hence the cost.
  •  The technology used: The latest and modern technology and dental materials will definitely be costlier, but at the same time provide better results with minimum discomfort.

Your dentist will evaluate your needs and discuss all the treatment options with you, to figure out the exact cost of the treatment.

4-The process of full mouth rehabilitation at Dental World.

  • Initial consultation: Detailed consultation and answering your queries will be done as the first step.
  • Diagnostic Treatment Planning: Few impressions of your teeth and gums and pictures of your existing oral condition and smile will be recorded, and treatment is planned according to your needs and your choice.
  • Pain relief and repair: Relief from infection, pain, swelling, etc. is done during this step, and details of the procedures are explained.
  • Step by step treatment: Procedures are done one after the other according to the treatment planning.
  • Final results: After extensive work and multiple appointments, you will receive a fully functioning healthy mouth with a beautiful smile.
  • Follow-up visits: Follow-ups are very important to fix any issues, after full mouth rehabilitation. It ensures better oral health and prevents complications.


1-How long will the full mouth rehabilitation treatment last?

The time period will depend upon what treatments and procedures are needed and the present condition of your mouth. Your dentist will give you an idea once your treatment has been planned.

2-Is full mouth reconstruction painful?

Our main aim of the treatment is patient comfort, so, for all procedures which may cause pain, the area is properly numbed so that you do not feel any pain. Mild discomfort and pain, after some procedures, might be felt, which can be managed by medications.

3-Which is the best dental clinic for full mouth rehabilitation?

Visit Dental world, the best dental clinic for full mouth rehabilitation in Delhi NCR. Homed by highly qualified doctors and trained staff, using the most modern and state-of-art technology, equipment, and dental materials, the Dental World assures you of the most successful and quality outcomes with minimal discomfort, at an affordable cost.


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