Top 9 Benefits of Wearing Invisible Braces


Crooked or misaligned teeth can be a concern for several individuals, especially when it starts hampering their self-confidence. When you visit an orthodontist with such complications, you will likely be presented with two options – the invisible braces or Invisalign, or the traditional braces.
If you are considering choosing invisible braces because of their inconspicuous appearance, let us walk you through a few more benefits of invisible braces to solidify your decision.
The following are some of the essential benefits of invisible braces pertaining to the appearance, comfort, and convenience that Invisalign brings. At Dental World, we strive to provide the best treatment and care to our patients getting their braces for alignment or other dental problems.

A lot More Comfortable
We, as human beings, always prioritize comfort. So, when it comes to our teeth, it is unlikely that we would choose the “standard” and “traditional” routes, especially when they are a lot more painful.
The traditional braces use metal brackets and tight wires around the teeth that help straighten the alignment and bite. These are extremely painful in the beginning and even pose risks of injuries without proper caution.
Wondering, what are invisible braces? Well, these are clear aligners made with high-quality plastic that is custom-made according to the patient’s dental imprint for a comfortable fit. Unlike metal braces that cause cuts and sores, invisible braces are way more comfortable and relatively safer.

Allow for Better Dental Hygiene
When you think of brushing around the metal brackets and the tightly knit wire around it, it does sound daunting. You have to go around and over the metal brackets to prevent them from tearing apart.
With invisible braces, you don’t have to face such issues. They are removable, so you won’t have to invest your time and energy cleaning around them. You can remove the aligners, clean and brush your teeth, clean the inside of the braces and then put them back in.
The convenience of being able to remove the invisible braces makes them ideal for regular dental cleanings too. This is hands down one of the most prominent benefits of invisible braces.

Fix Dental Problems
Like the traditional braces, the different types of invisible braces will help fix any dental anomalies you may have. They could be misaligned or crooked teeth or even the improper positioning of the jaw that results in an improper bite.
The pressure from the invisible braces pushes against the misshapen teeth or jaw bone, straightening it in the process. Keep in mind that this is a time-consuming process. Like traditional braces, you will have to wear the invisible braces for a prolonged period to notice changes.
However, with time, proper care, and regular dental visits, with the best dentist in Delhi NCR at Dental World, the best invisible aligners will correct such dental problems for good.

Non-Invasive Scanning
When you grow up with dental issues, especially dental structure, a dental CT scan will become a quintessential part of your orthodontist visits.
Traditional braces have metal in them, so may have to remove them or work around them during CT scans or other kinds of dental scanning.
On the contrary, with the best invisible aligners, you can remove them when you undergo any such dental scanning procedures.. This makes the process more convenient and reduces the pain of removing and rewiring the braces around the metal brackets.

Boosts Self-Confidence
Most people with crooked teeth or a misaligned bite often struggle with their self-confidence. Pair that with the visible appearance of the metal braces, and it becomes even more of a struggle.
Invisalign, on the other hand, is pretty inconspicuous. Since they are clear, patients find them a lot more comfortable to wear. The benefit of invisible braces is that their appearance is discrete, and you won’t even feel like they are on your teeth at times. The first few days start with a lisp, but once you get used to wearing them, you should feel a lot more comfortable.

Fewer Dental Visits
When you consult an orthodontist about needing braces, they will tell you about the entire procedure and the aftercare instructions. During the appointment, you will also be given a quick rundown of the follow-up appointments.
For traditional metal braces, you need to revisit the dental clinic every 4-6 weeks to tighten the brace and check for any issues.
When the first pair gets too dirty, you get to switch to the extra pair with the invisible lingual braces. For follow-up appointments, your orthodontist will guide you about the frequency. But, typically, it is a lot less than you’d anticipate.
Even with the follow-up appointments, you may need to come in to check the progress with Invisalign. This should take close to 10-15 minutes only, and you don’t have to spend the better part of your day in the dental clinic.

Eat Any Food or Drink
Nobody likes having restrictions. However, when you have the traditional metal braces, you run into the risk of restricting your diet to foods that are “metal braces-friendly”. Your orthodontist will give you a list of permissible foods and drinks you can eat with metal braces.
On the contrary, with the different types of invisible braces, you get to eat pretty much anything and everything that your heart desires. Since they are removable, you can eat the food you want, pop back the retainers, and go along with your life.
Besides, studies have found that people with clear or invisible braces have better digestion. Unlike patients with metal braces who are afraid of getting food stuck in their teeth, with invisible braces, patients get to chew their food correctly, contributing to better digestion.

Faster Workaround Results
When you ask a patient with traditional metal braces how long they have worn them, the typical answer is “a few years.” That is how long it takes for these braces to reshape and realign the teeth’ structure.
However, with invisible lingual braces, the results are pretty fast. The invisible braces move the teeth in smaller movements, allowing quicker and less painful results. Mind you, they aren’t immediate but a lot faster on the contrary. Your orthodontist will suggest you switch to the new invisible braces every two weeks for faster results.

Pretty Cost-Effective
Metal braces are a lot cheaper than invisible braces. That is true, but the duration of treatment with traditional braces is prolonged.
So, this means that you will likely have more doctor’s visits, frequent alteration of the metal braces, and run into other dental injuries that may require treatment.
You would not have to face such issues with the invisible braces. They provide faster results and reduce the risks of damage to your oral health. The average price of Invisalign braces starts from INR 1,50,000.
At Dental World with the best dentist in Delhi NCR, we strive to make treatments as accessible as possible, so you can get affordable treatment options without having to worry about emptying your bank account.

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