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Root Canal Treatment Cost In Delhi

Root canal treatment is a common dental procedure aimed at saving a damaged or infected tooth. In Delhi, understanding the factors influencing the cost of root canal treatment is essential for patients seeking dental care. This guide provides insights into the root canal treatment cost, breakdown of expenses, and insurance coverage, and highlights why Dental World is a trusted choice for root canal treatment.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Root Canal Treatment

When considering the root canal treatment cost, several factors come into play:

  • Toothlocationandcomplexity: Teeth in challenging positions or with intricate root structures may incur higher costs.
  • Dentistexpertise: The experience and skill level of the dentist or endodontist performing the procedure can affect pricing.
  • Technologyandmaterials: The use of advanced tools, equipment, and quality materials may increase the overall cost.
  • Complicationsandadditionalprocedures: Factors such as retreatment or the need for a dental crown can add to the expenses.
  • Insurancecoverage: The extent of insurance coverage for root canal treatment varies, impacting out-of-pocket costs.
  • Geographicallocation: Dental fees vary by region, with urban areas generally having higher costs than rural areas.

These factors collectively determine the overall expense of the procedure, making it essential for patients to consider various aspects before undergoing treatment.

Root Canal Treatment Cost 

Here's an approximate breakdown of root canal treatment costs in Delhi, including different types of implants:


Cost Range per Tooth (INR)

Root Canal Treatment (Single Canal)

2000 - 8000

Root Canal Treatment (Multiple Canals)

5000 - 12000

Dental Crown

3000 - 10000

Dental Implant (Standard)

20000 - 60000

Dental Implant (Zirconia Crown)

10000 - 35000

Dental Implant (Porcelain Crown)

8000 - 25000

Dental Implant (Metal Crown)

5000 - 15000

These costs represent the range per tooth for each respective procedure. Actual costs may vary based on individual case factors and the dentist's recommendations.

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Cost Breakdown Depending on Factors

Here's the cost breakdown for root canal treatment including consultation fees, implant placement, implant material, follow-up costs, and advanced procedures:


Cost Range (INR)


500 - 2000

Implant Placement

20000 - 60000

Implant Material

5000 - 20000

Diagnostic Procedures

800 - 8000


500 - 5000

Follow-Up Visits (Check-ups and monitoring progress)

500 - 2000

Additional Procedures


Please note:

  • Implant material costs are in addition to the implant placement cost.
  • Follow-up costs may vary depending on the number of visits required, additional procedures performed, and any medications prescribed.
  • The cost of advanced procedures such as bone grafting, sinus lifts, or membrane placement will vary based on the specific needs of the patient.

It's important to consult with a dentist to get a personalized cost estimate based on your individual case and treatment plan.

Is Insurance Cover Root Canal Treatment?

Yes, dental insurance typically covers root canal treatment, but coverage varies depending on the insurance plan. Most plans offer coverage for a portion of the cost, often ranging from 50% to 80%. However, coverage may be subject to deductibles, annual maximums, and waiting periods. Some insurance plans may also require pre-authorization or consider root canal treatment as a major procedure, which could affect coverage. It's essential to review your insurance policy details, including coverage limitations and exclusions, and consult with your insurance provider or dentist to understand how your plan applies to root canal treatment.

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