Braces for Kids -Types, Care Tips, and Costs

Braces For Kids- Caretips & Cost

Kids and teenagers may need dental braces because issues like overcrowding, crooked teeth, bite defects, occlusion problems, etc. may arise as their teeth develop. But no need to worry as heavy, painful metal braces are things of the past. Nowadays, there are various options to get the best and most customized kid’s braces.

If you are anxious about your kids’ braces, will they be beneficial? What are the types of braces available? How will you and your kid be able to care for them? And last but not least, how much the orthodontic treatment will cost for your kid? Read ahead and be informed, so that you, along with your dentist, can make a wise decision for your kids.

1-Do your kids need braces?

Certain dental and oral conditions may require dental braces for your kids. Although your dentist is the best person to guide you on this, usually these conditions may be:
Overcrowding and crooked teeth: These may happen when either baby teeth fall very soon before the permanent teeth are ready to erupt or if they do not fall and permanent teeth start erupting over them.
Habits like thumb sucking or mouth breathing: May lead to the need for braces treatment.
Gaps in between the teeth: Excess space and smaller teeth also result in dental issues.
Problems with chewing or biting: A kid may find it difficult to eat because of malalignment. Tongue and cheek biting also poses a problem.
Pain in the mouth or jaw: Regular pain in the jaws or mouth may signify a need for orthodontic treatment.
Difficulty in speaking: Misaligned teeth may impact speech issues.
Defects in bites: Misaligned teeth may result in a cross, open, or overbite which causes other dental and oral issues.
When teeth are protruding: When upper teeth protrude out significantly it is called an overjet which needs to be corrected to prevent other issues.
If you see these issues for your kids, consult an orthodontist to know about the treatment needed.

2-What are the different types of braces for kids?

There are various types of dental braces available for kids:
- Invisalign Braces: These are the newest form of dental braces, that are invisible removable trays used to correct teeth alignment. They are very comfortable and aesthetic but are expensive and take a long time for correction.
- Damon Braces: These use sliding brackets instead of wires to hold the teeth correctly and it doesn’t use any elastics. They are easy to clean and maintain.
- Self-Ligating Braces: These are self-ligating, thus minimizing the dental visits and treatment time. They are made to suit your pattern and require almost no adjustments later on.
- Lingual braces: A newer type of braces that are placed on the inside of the teeth, and thus are not visible from the outside. Due to complicated and lengthy procedures, their cost increases.
- Ceramic Braces: Ceramic brackets are used in them instead of metal, making it look better, but with lesser strength. Also, bigger brackets are costlier and take more time.
- Conventional metal braces: They are made up of stainless steel. Brackets are glued to the tooth and wires are held with elastic ties. There are diet restrictions and cleaning issues but are the most commonly used dental braces.
- Partial Braces: They are similar to traditional metal braces but, are not applied to all the teeth. They target only specific teeth, and therefore, only fewer braces are put. They are ideal when only a few teeth are a problem.
- Mini Braces: They provide a full set of braces, but use lesser metal making it more aesthetic and more comfortable.

3-How can you take proper care of the kid’s braces?

Taking good care of braces is one of the most important steps for quick and good orthodontic results. Some care tips include:
Always ask and supervise kids to brush and floss their teeth after every meal to remove stuck food particles.
Avoid too hard, sticky, and sugary foods like caramel, candies, sweets, hard nuts, etc., and give more soft foods like rice, idlis, pulses, soft vegetables, and soft fruits like banana, soft apples, berries, milkshakes, custard, curd, etc.
Align braces after every meal.
Use toothbrushes designed for kids and use proxy brushes which are designed to get in between the braces to clean your kid’s teeth.

4-What is the braces cost for kids?

The braces cost for kids varies based on factors like:
- Type of braces: The cost will differ depending on the type of braces like metal, ceramic, lingual Invisalign, etc.
- The extent of treatment needed: the extent of misalignment and condition of teeth and surrounding structures play an important role in deciding the cost.
- Doctor’s credentials: More qualified and better-experienced orthodontists will definitely charge a little more, but will also ensure outstanding results.
- If additional treatments are also needed: Sometimes additional treatments like headgears, spacers, bands, etc. are needed which adds to the total cost.
- Basically, the cost of braces for kids is reasonable and pocket friendly with lots of available options. They prove to be very affordable in the long run.

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