Benefits of Dental Implants over Dentures

benefits of dental implants

Do you need to replace most or all of your teeth? Then there are two options for you, i.e. Dentures and Implants. Both effectively replace your missing natural teeth with artificial ones to restore aesthetics and functions, but are quite different from each other. Dental implants over dentures are considered the best and the most effective treatment choice in various aspects. Dental implants are substitutes for the roots of missing teeth acting as an anchor for the replacement crowns (artificial teeth), providing stronger and permanent teeth replacement solutions.

Benefits of Dental Implants over Dentures.

The top advantages of dental implants which dentures and bridges cannot offer are:

They are permanent:
You won’t feel that something artificial has been placed in your mouth because dental implants need not be taken out or need any adhesive to hold them, they are just like your natural teeth. If you follow a good oral hygiene regime, dental implants last for a lifetime.

They prevent bone loss:
As you lose teeth, you tend to start losing your jaw bone as well because the jaw bone requires stimulation to maintain its mass, which it gets from the natural teeth. Once teeth are lost, this stimulation is lost too, leading to atrophy of the jaw bone and changes in your facial structures. The implants are the only option that provides this stimulation thus preventing bone loss and facial structural changes, which adds to the benefits of dental Implants overdentures.

Provide a visually appealing appearance:
Since implants merge with the jaw bone more effectively, they give a much more natural look as compared to dentures.

Restores your bite force:
As the implants are anchored into your jaw bone, they allow you to bite with almost the same biting force as with your natural teeth. Dentures on the other hand cannot restore this force as they rest on your gums and are not anchored in place.

Enables natural speech:
Missing teeth or their replacements through dentures may impact your ability to pronounce certain words correctly and alter your speech. As dental implants make you feel and function similar to your natural teeth, they also maintain your natural clear speech.

Ease of cleaning:
Implants need only normal brushing and flossing as natural teeth with no special cleaning products like solutions, tablets, or cleaning cups or procedures, as needed for dentures.

There is no slippage:
If you wear dentures, you may feel conscious in public while speaking, laughing, or eating, as they may slip inside your mouth, making you feel embarrassed. This is totally not the case with dental implants, as they are well anchored to your bone.

Supports adjacent teeth:
A gap formed in your mouth, due to missing teeth can cause the adjacent teeth to shift towards that gap resulting in a change in alignment which is prevented by dental implants.

Maintains oral health:
With dentures, many times food particles enter under your dentures causing irritation and infection which is not the case with dental implants, thus maintaining good oral health.

Not a limitation anymore for people with bad jaw health:
If you suffer from severe jaw bone loss and have little bony structure, dentures will never be stable and traditional implants are difficult to be implanted in such a condition. But with advanced new implants, it is very much possible to efficiently place implants to restore your looks and function even in this condition.

No longer wait periods:
Implants usually take a long time to finally replace your tooth crowns, but nowadays immediate implants are available, which can be loaded within 3 days so that you don’t have to wait for many months before you can actually have them.

Improved self-esteem:
While achieving all these, you will regain your confidence and self-esteem which may have been lost due to your missing teeth, thus improving the quality of your life manyfold.

All these benefits of dental implants make them one of the best options for teeth replacement.

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